[Bujo-ing] March 2018 Spread

Shamelessly uploading my March spread…in the late middle of March. >.<

This month’s theme was hard to brainstorm. I wanted a theme in which I could use pink, one of my favorite colors, and somehow, I made this assumption that cherries could be pink and so the theme is pink cherries. Although cherries technically aren’t pink, I think it works?

Here is my monthly spread for the month of March!

DSC_0003I really liked the column layout for the monthly spread from February, so I decided to continue it for March. Honestly, it also saves so much time since I don’t have to draw out all the boxes like a typical monthly calendar. I did that in January and low-key took me a solid hour.

I’ve also been trying to still use my two trackers! It’s hard to remember to record my progress everyday, but looking back, I think it motivates me. (NOTE: I took these pictures back in the first week of March…I promise I’ve gone to the gym and QT’d after March 5th LOL)

DSC_0009Practicing handwriting is something I’ve wanted to work on as a New Year’s resolution, so bullet journaling is the perfect practice board.

My next spread is kind of silly/doesn’t go with the theme, but I thought it would be fun to do.

DSC_0011It’s always important to set small goals! I love to doodle, but I never seem to have time, so I hope that throughout this month, I can explore my creativity side a little more. 🙂

As I mentioned, I’ve been trying to practice my handwriting more — I’ve been using Instagram for ideas; @stefankunz and @lettersbygracie in particular have been such great sources for creative designs to gain inspiration from. DSC_0012

My weekly spreads are relatively similar to February’s, the only thing I added was a separate column for me to write my to-do list for the day. This has honestly been such a game-changer for me! I used to keep a separate notebook just for to-dos but now that it’s consolidated into my bullet journal, it’s so much easier to keep track of with my weekly schedule.


Low-key these cherries took forever, and I’m not sure if I would go this ham to create a spread again because time is always short, but I do like how my cherries turned out 🙂

Lastly, as always, here are the tools I used! Again, very similar to February (I’m pretty loyal to my bujo pens).


(left to right: Zig, Muji, Zig, Muji)

I used the Zig Brushables for the pops of pink to supplement the black lettering. Hopefully, next month, I can actually start writing calligraphy with brush pens (will be practicing throughout the rest of March!), but we shall see how that goes. I love my Muji Gel Ink Pens — they allow me to make more precise and thin lines for both lettering, and for the green gel pen, the stems of my cherries! And lastly, my holy grail journaling pen is the Zig Journal & Title Pen — still only use the 0.5 m tip and have yet to explore with the 3.5 m tip, but that’s a project in the works as well.

That’s all for March! Hope you enjoyed this spread, and happy bujo-ing!


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